Custom Ductwork Installation and Metal Fabrication in Winnipeg

East Side Ventilation has created custom ductwork for Winnipeg area businesses and properties throughout Manitoba. We have become the largest ventilation contractor in Manitoba for a lot of reasons. One of them is the quality of staff in our manufacturing shop. We have 4 Red Star journeymen plus 14 highly skilled metal fabricators! We operate a completely automated duct fabricating system and also offer spiral manufacturing, plasma cutting and welding services to engineer custom solutions for a variety of industries.

What advantages are there in custom ductwork from East Side Ventilation? Your custom ductwork will be designed for the most efficient length and to minimize unnecessary bends and uninsulated sections. This eases the load on your furnace and air conditioner, extending its life, reducing the need for repairs and allowing for efficient operation. Custom ductwork can also be sized optimally for your heating and air conditioning system.

Metal Fabrication Winnipeg

Our local facility for metal fabrication in Winnipeg means we can provide very timely service for your project and maintain the strict quality control required to meet our high standards. You can see examples of our work in many buildings around town and facilities for a variety of industries. Whether you need custom ductwork for a new installation or for retrofitting a replacement unit, turn to East Side Ventilation, Winnipeg’s industry leaders in metal fabrication and custom ductwork.

We are also able to produce acoustic insulation for your property. Call us to discuss your project needs and we will be happy to design and manufacture a solution for you.