Commercial Ventilation Contractors in Winnipeg: Duct Cleaning & More...

Call East Side Ventilation for ventilation service in Winnipeg for commercial as well as residential ventilation projects throughout Manitoba. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive duct cleaning to improve the air quality in your office or commercial building or to install a new commercial kitchen exhaust system for your business, East Side Ventilation has your solution.

Winnipeg Ventilation Applications

If commercial or industrial facility offers painting, welding, furniture building or any other service where exhaust fumes, chemicals or dust compromise safety and air quality, schedule a consultation with us. East Side Ventilation manufactures exhaust and dust collection systems and has improved the safety of a variety of Manitoba industrial facilities.

We also install and remove boiler chimneys and handle custom sheet metal and ventilation projects. You can rest assured that all of our Winnipeg ventilation systems are built in accordance to all building codes and safety standards. Whether you work in food service, manufacturing, mining or a wide range of other industries, you can count on our experienced team to fabricate ventilation to your unique specifications. Find contact information for our commercial division and be sure to check out some of the projects we’ve completed.



Commercial HVAC maintenance plans help facility managers extend the life of their HVAC building equipment and reduce operating costs in both frequency of repairs and energy savings. Ask us about our maintenance plans for commercial buildings. Fill out our form, or call us at 204-667-8700 with questions or for a free estimate. Protect your employees’s health and breathe easier with Winnipeg Duct Cleaning from East Side Ventilation.