Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication & Ducting

We can support you in all your Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication needs, all custom ducts and fittings, heavier gauges to serve your commercial projects and light gauges for Residential duct needs as well. All types of Ducts and fittings from 28 Gauge to 16 Gauge. Well, in our shop it’s a much simpler process than that of the larger, unionized shops knocking out ductwork for major projects around the world. Our 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art plant in the St. Boniface Industrial Park at 11 Durand Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba, can handle any size project. No job being too small–where we either enter the dimensions in our computer system running the CNC plasma machine or start the cutting process by hand. We’re experts at designing and installing efficient ducting in commercial buildings. We’ve been doing custom ductwork for more than 25 years which makes us one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Winnipeg. We can design and install duct systems that help get the most out of your buildings HVAC equipment, keep energy costs down, and minimize noise. With our extensively equipped mobile fabrication truck, we can build virtually any ductwork you need right at the jobsite. If you need custom duct installation in Winnipeg or simply want to speak with a ventilation expert about the air quality in your commercial building, contact East Side Ventilation. We can install a new ventilation system that will bring clean, fresh air into your property.